Blaze Brix

Blaze Brix are our rectangular-shaped sawdust briquettes which are suitable for use in solid fuel boilers and fireplaces.
If compared with unprocessed wood fuel, briquettes have much lower moisture content, higher density; therefore they have higher thermal value.
There is no expansion during burning and leaves only 1% ash.
When burning our briquettes produce high energy of approx. 5 kwh/kg compared to approx. 4 kwh/kg for dried firewood with 20% moisture content.
No insects or pests brought into the house as with normal firewood.
They are easily stacked for storing and are very economical.


  • Composed of hardwood sawdust exposed to high pressure.
  • Organic with FSC tracability.
  • No binding agents or chemicals.
  • Individual Briquette Dimensions: 155 x 65 x (75-100) mm
  • Moisture content: < 7%.
  • Ash content: 1%.
  • Sulpher: < 0.05 %.
  • Calorific/Thermal Value: up to 5300 kwh/tonne
Blaze Brix